The Financial Services Industry is Evolving:
Our Clients are Changing

Our clients are changing: banks, insurance companies and their service providers are facing fundamental challenges which have a strong impact on business and operating models. New sets of regulatory requirements, digital innovation, cost pressure and the need to find pockets of profitable growth have become the key drivers of the industry.

However, internal capabilities are not limitless, timelines for multiple change initiatives are tight, and target setting has become more difficult in times of great uncertainty and volatility. As these strategic and tactical challenges are complex enough to address, the successful execution of large transformation programs has become a key focus for top management. “Getting things done” requires capabilities not every institution has sufficient levels of.

The Three Core Drivers
of the Financial Services Industry.


Regulation deeply impacts business and operating models.

Digital Innovation and Growth

Digital customers want digital solutions, innovation which is being driven outside of the banking sector.


Cost pressure driven by the erosion of earnings, business and operational complexity and regulation-driven costs.

Working Together:
We are Partners of Banks, Insurance Companies and Their Service Providers.

We see ourselves as partners of banks, insurance companies and their service providers. Professional problem solving for our clients is our mission. Due to our focus, we have built comprehensive and deep expertise and can work out a real competitive advantage both with our clients for our clients. 

We work with renowned companies in the financial services industry, such as:

Selected clients of BMC Strategy Consultants GmbH, BMC-professionals GmbH (Vienna) or BMC-professionals (predecessor company)