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10 Common Mistakes When Cutting Costs

How can typical mistakes be avoided and concrete savings achieved?

Successfully cutting costs proves to be a great challenge for many companies – in particular when it comes to personnel and/or when there is no immediate crisis mandating drastic measures. This is why we often come across cost-cutting projects that have failed or have quietly disappeared. Not only does this mean a lot of effort for small results, but these projects often leave behind frustrated and disillusioned teams.

Die ESG-Datenflut besser bewältigen


Wie sich die steigenden Anforderungen an ESG-Daten und deren Infrastruktur im Finanzmarkt bewältigen und strategisch nutzen lassen

Die Nachhaltigkeitsbestrebungen lösen zunehmend regulatorischen Umsetzungsbedarf aus. Dies führt zu einem signifikanten Bedarf an Transparenz und Verfügbarkeiten von teilweise inkonsistenten und mit immanenten Problemen behafteten Daten, was eine der größten Herausforderungen bei der Umsetzung von ESG-Anforderungen darstellt. Als Maßnahme hat sich die Implementierung eines harmonisierten ESG-Datenhaushalts bewährt.

Value-oriented IT Cost Management in Banks and Insurance Companies
From the "lawnmower approach" to targeted IT cost management

"IT cost management" is once again becoming increasingly prominent on the management agenda. Despite, or perhaps because of, the upsurge in costs due to regulation and digitization, a certain "IT cost-cutting hysteria" is taking hold in many banks. In the worst case scenario, financial services providers apply lawnmower methods to reduce costs. With the result that costs rise sharply again after a brief "bump".

We see the IT cost issue differently.

From Cloud Myths to Cloud Strategy

The path to a risk-adequate cloud strategy in insurance companies

Cloud strategies that have proven themselves on the market, answering the essential questions about the cloud in a fact-based and institution-specific manner.

From Cloud Myths to Cloud Strategy

The path to a risk-adequate cloud target picture in banks

Cloud offerings are often seen as the bringer of salvation - or are rejected wholesale as "unacceptable from a risk perspective on a large scale". This leads to wrong decisions: Either irresponsible risks are taken, or the train into the next technology generation is missed.

Cloud strategies" have proven themselves on the market here, answering the essential questions about the cloud in a fact-based and institution-specific manner.

Ways Out of The Earnings Gap
How regional banks can leverage their customer value and secure results

The ongoing low-interest phase, changing customer expectations and new digital competitors pose major challenges for banks. COVID-19 acts as an additional driver, but also offers new opportunities to strengthen their own positioning in the market.

IT in Regulatory Focus

Professionalizing information security management and effectively preparing for IT risk audits

"Regulatory readiness" for financial service providers - risk-oriented preparation for possible audits "with expertise" and as little superfluous formalism as possible.

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